Catapult Contest

Catapults are due Friday, May 11, 2018.


Styles of Catapults

There are many styles of catapults. Some use a lever and sling to whip the projectile back up overhead to the target. These are called trebuchets. Another style is simply a lever with a pocket that moves forward and is suddenly stopped which allows the projectile to carry on to its target. 

Creating your Catapult

  • There is no requirement on style. Sling shot devices will not be accepted as a catpult.
  • The launch mechanism must be mechanical in design. Elastic devices and gravity driven weights are examples.
  • No electrical combustible or explosive components can be used. 
  • The base of the catapult must be no longer or wider than 18 inches.
  • The structure and lever may extend outside the 18 inch base.
  • The catpult should weigh no more than 10 pounds. 
  • Your catapult must have a "trigger" device to release the ping pong ball. A latch or hook will do. 
  • Each catapult must have at least one item that is recycled. Use as much recylced material in your catpult as possible. 

Launching your Catapult

You will have three launches to project the ping pong ball forward. The distance at which the ball hits the ground/floor the first time on each launch is the one that will be measured. The longest distance will be used. Two winning teams will be chosen from each science class during the day and the winners will compete in 8th hour. 

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