Spelling Words

Spelling Word Lists

List 1: Sneaky e:

fake, tale, use, like, hope, nose, bite, cane, cube, tone


List 2:  Vowel Teams:

ray, clay, wait, hoe, soak, toast, reach, bead, coin, enjoy


List 3:  Vowel Digraphs:

out, cloud, count, crown, power, straw, launch, yawn, haunt, draw


List 4:Soft C and G:

ice, germ, face, digit, price, age, fancy, large, dance, cage


List 5:  Homophones:

be, too, won, meet, dear, sea, here, blue, pair, wear

List 6:  2-Syllable Words – open:

silent, zebra, paper, unit, robot, hotel, relax, cable, even, open


List 7:  2-Syllable Words – closed:

Kitten, rabbit, dentist, monster, contest, basket, comet, ribbon, silver, napkin


List 8:  k or ck:

chick, check, neck, rock, block, sick, mask, bank, sink, silk

List 9:  ch or tch:

march, which, bench, teach, lunch, torch, fetch, patch, watch, stretch


List 10:  ge or dge:

cage, nudge, badge, fudge, edge, bridge, ridge, age, pledge, image


List 11:  Double Consonants:

egg, add, odd, apple, puppy, tennis, banner, dinner, funny, rubber


List 12:  Irregular Plural Nouns:

geese, hooves, halves, mice, lives, elves, teeth, feet, scarves, loaves


List 13:  Change y to i and add es/ed:

skies, dried, candies, spied, spies, studied, parties, jellies, ladies, copied


List 14:  Irregular Past Tense:

wrote, blew, ate, sworn, gave, bound, flown, drew, blown, drawn


List 15:  consonant + le:

simple, table, bubble, gentle, battle, buckle, puzzle, apple, scuffle, people


List 16:  ar & or:

corn, porch, smart, dark, barn, more, farm, fort, horn, core


List 17:  er, ir, ur, & ire:

her, burn, swirl, verb, fire, dirt, surf, perch, bird, tire


List 18:  ear & air:

fair, hair, pair, stair, flair, gear, clear, hear, tear, fear


List 19:  ough & augh:

cough, rough, tough, bought, sought, thought, caught, daughter, taught, laugh




List 20:  igh/eigh:

weigh, sleigh, eight, weight, light, high, bright, knight, fright, might


List 21:  i before e except after c:

belief, thief, piece, believe, chief, grief, field, shield, yield, receive


List 22:  Contractions (not, are, have, is, will):

can’t, you’re, I’ve, it’s, he’ll, don’t, we’re, they’ve, she’s, you’ll


List 23:  Prefix /un/:

unhappy, untied, unlock, unsafe, unkind, unpack, unfair, unreal, unlike, unzip


List 24:  Prefix/un/ and Prefixes /re/ & /pre/:

refill, replay, rewind, retell, refresh, reread, redo, repay, pretest, preheat


List 25:  Suffixes /ful/ & /less/:

playful, helpful, joyful, wonderful, thankful, helpless, restless, speechless, homeless, pointless


List 26:  Comparative Endings:

smallest, craziest, hottest, youngest, oldest, sleepier, tastier, raster, taller, strongest







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