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Welcome to the team!! We're going to have a great year!! 

Important Dates and Events:

-Students will be dismissed at 10:45 the1st Weds of every month, unless otherwise noted!
NEXT EARLY OUT: March 4th!

February 17th-21st, 2020

Monday: NO SCHOOL- President's Day!

Tuesday: Module 5, Lesson 14: Find common units or number of units to compare two fractions.

Wednesday: Module 5, Lesson 15: Find common units or number of units to compare two fractions.

Thursday: Module 5, Lesson 16: Use visual models to add and subtract two fractions with the same units.

Friday: Module 5, Lesson 17:Explain a fraction equivalence using a tape diagram.

Use the following link the access our full math module! You will need to scroll down to the "Downloadable Resources" portion of the page and click the first link to view the full module as a PDF. 

This site will not show you the work on the homework problems specifically, but does contain a full lesson showing how to do these types of problems. Homework answers only (without work shown) can be found in the last pages of the module. 


**PARENTS: Check out this awesome resource at the link below for homework help! It has worked through problem sets with the answers and videos for each grade and each module lesson!**: 


*Students must show work to receive credit on the math homework. Please remind your child to least attempt each problem and not leave any without work shown. We will go over areas of difficulty in class. We do the math set that corresponds to the homework in class together and they are the same types of problems with different numbers. Students should be able to refer back to this set for help setting up the problems.


This week, we will begin working on our seventh unit of the year, covering tall tales and tricksters.

*Vocabulary Quiz and Story Selection Quiz will take place 

Please note that the Reading Log has changed! Students should read 20 minutes per night and fill in the log. On
Tuesday nights, the homework will be the comprehension sheet with questions for a grade.

*Students will need to fill out all parts of the log for credit and may use the prompts on the back to help form their thoughts.

*Students will receive one "free pass" per trimester on homework. If homework is not complete after the free pass, they will have to go to the homework room to finish their assignments during lunch and recess.


 This week, we will begin working on our Imaginative Story Unit. 

Spelling will be incorporated into our new ELA Curriculum and go along with the new Reading and Writing Curriculum. 

*THIS WEEK'S SPELLING LIST (Suffixes –ful, –less, –ness, –ment)
colorful, weakness, enjoyment, endless, truthful, closeness, cheerful, spotless, beautiful, breathless, clumsiness, pavement, graceful, eagerness, dampness, scoreless, statement, wasteful, penniless, treatment



This week, we will continue learning about Electric Currents through activities and videos.

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Amy Herman


Welcome to Benton Grade School!

Hello! I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Amy Herman. My husband's name is Chris and together we have three children. I have taught for 3 years. I am very excited about teaching your child this year! I learn so much from my students and strive to make sure they learn as much from me.

When trying to reach me during the year, please e-mail me at aherman@benton47.org, call the school office and leave a message (618-438-7181), or send a letter with your child. I will respond as soon as possible.

Let's have a great year!

Mrs. Amy Herman


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