Is the Student Council a Popularity Contest

Is the Student Council a Popularity Contest?
Posted on 11/14/2018
Written by Amelia M.

     If you remember being in school, you probably remember the student council. The student Council is formed when everyone votes to see who they want to be elected to make some decisions for your school, who also might work at games and dances. But, is this a popularity contest?

     When the voting is taking place, do you think that more people would vote for the outcast or the popular kid? They would probably pick the popular kid, right? To show this, an anonymous student said that she and all of her friends would either vote for the person who is most attractive or popular, maybe for bonus points with that person or just trying to make that person like them. Yet that doesn’t seem fair. Shouldn’t everyone have the same chances as everyone else has?Shouldn’t it not matter what someone looks like?

Really, the vote has nothing to do with responsibility, even though that’s what the teachers like to tell us. Another anonymous student said, “I have always been a good and responsible student, who all my teachers liked, so I thought I had an obvious place on the council. Even my teachers told me I would probably make it. Yet when the day came, no one voted for me. But the most popular girls who put there names in all made it.” See, some people get in for the wrong reasons.

     I feel like the teachers should have a vote in the choosing of the students. A school teacher in Chicago said that her student council was full of disrespectful, irresponsible students and when she tried to change it the principal shrugged it off his shoulder and never thought twice about it. So I think the teachers should be listened to more or this could happen to us.

     So, the next time you think of your student council, think about the names that are on the list. Are they responsible or irresponsible kids? Are they just popular? Are they disrespectful? Should they be on the council or is there someone else who should take their place?

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