DIPG Cancer

DIPG Cancer
Posted on 11/14/2018
Written by Madisyn K.

     Have you ever wondered what it is like to have cancer or how it feels if you are an adult and your child has cancer? What do you think it will be like: all of the worries, the medicine, the pain your child goes through? Well I’m going to tell you about a 9 year old, Timothy Jr, who has brain cancer. When Timothy was born he was always sick. When he got into school, everyday he woke up and he would be some sort of sick and couldn’t go to school. He would also have a bad cough and it would turn into a cold. Timothy loved going to school so we knew it wasn’t an “excuse” for not going to school. A little while before Timothy got diagnosed, he couldn’t see out of his left eye so he kept getting dizzy and falling. He was eventually diagnosed with DIPG cancer, but they cannot do surgery because his tumor it is on his spine. If they did the surgery to take it out, it could kill him.

     DIPG can be found by getting a MRI. Signs for having DIPG is problems with eye movement, facial weakness, drooping on one side of the face, sudden appearance of hearing problems, trouble chewing or swallowing, gagging while eating, limb weakness, difficulty standing or walking, abnormal gaits, unbalanced limb movements, and headaches. Some people ask and wonder if there is a cure for DIPG, but they say there is not. Researchers do not know yet exactly what causes DIPG. Like most cancers, DIPG occurs when something goes wrong with the process of cell reproduction. Some children inherit DNA changes from a parent that increase their risk of certain types of cancer. Some children don’t even inherit DNA changes; it can even happen at birth without anyone catching it or even being suspicious about it. With Timothy, some of our family think that it happened at birth due to him being sick all of the time.

     In conclusion, kids do not deserve to have a disease like this. Even though it is very rare, it could still happen to any of us. You should always go get a check-up with your children at the doctor, just to make sure your child is healthy or has anything wrong with them. Even if it is something as little as a cold, take them to the doctor, because I think any sickness is dangerous. Always keep an eye on your children. I really hope that none of your children get diagnosed with DIPG or any type of cancer because my family and I know how it feels to have a loved one that is sick. I believe that these children will fight and are strong enough to survive.

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