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 will consist of:

  •  writing 4 times each or do the worksheet sent home - MODULE 9 WEEK 2
  • reading each night and recording the books on the reading log  (25 minutes)
  • practicing sight words (READING & SPELLING) 
  • practicing math facts (ADDITION & SUBTRACTION FLASHCARDS)  
  • completing the math sheet sent home - module GO TO YOUTUBE FOR ENGAGENY MATH MODULE 6 - TYPE IN THE LESSON (EX: lessons 16,17,18,19,20) - WATCH THE VIDEO ON EUREKA

All homework should be returned in the homework folder each day.


2nd Grade High Frequency Words

Name __________________ School year _________

Testing – Initial Testing – 1st Trimester – 2nd Trimester – 3rd Trimester

Checkmark = correct Dash – No response If a word is written, this was the student’s response.

Modules 1-12 Weekly High Frequency Words

Module 1

a and go got have not the to will you

best does end job left men more see than wash

do give he line said set seven sure upon walk

Module 2

close cold come done fire front lift name small times

answer find its miss old round then until what young

baby bird blue bring fly her little place she this

Module 3

are hand kept king land long sing thing think wish

across car down fell full held mountain pull push spell

even mouse Mr. Mrs. other shall these when while white

Module 4

ask asked buy comb girl grand lady mother number often

afraid always another great passed really says stay try which

clean feel ground horse leave need please queen seen tree

Module 5

below both follow most move own road show window yellow

almost become begin high kind might night one open opened

began book of ready their thought two whole write years

Module 6

any cried didn’t funny hello laugh pretty slowly song were

anything chance children gone good notice now page since woman

body color dark hard hour large part started warm was

Module 7

before example form morning order store story those word work

after better father letter over paper river together under water

air city friend hair heard learn looked remember stood street

Module 8

about floor food group knew music room school soon through

boys brown found house listen oil point sound town voice

also ball call could every near talk tall would year

Module 9

everyone everything himself maybe nothing outside some someone sometimes without

couldn’t don’t however I’ll live put should that’s very you’re

above again along myself once piece something table they wanted

Module 10

against cover early getting here hurry much stopped toward your

area around coming from goes going second seemed there who

ago carry many money only ride sky study wasn’t world

Module 11

brother happened happy help home mama papa sister suddenly surprise

away because country earth else green plant rain sea sun

bed enough family list oh people shop sleep today tomorrow

Module 12

animal cut inside measure pick pictures question rock turned where

America can’t complete easy eyes love reached sentence state watch

busy different doing I’m idea important mind next plan tire

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