Welcome to the Nurse's Station

School Nurse

Our school nurse is available on a daily basis and can be reached quickly in case of emergency. The nurse’s office is located in the 3rd-4th grade section of the Benton Grade School complex within the office area. The school nurse may be reached by calling 438-7181.

School Health Records

Please report to the school nurse any known allergies or any special medical condition of your child. Please report all communicable diseases your child contracts throughout the school year (e.g. strep throat, chicken pox, pink eye, rashes, head lice, fever,).


Vision and Hearing Screenings

All children entering kindergarten or enrolling for the first time in public, private, or parochial schools must have a comprehensive eye exam performed by a qualified eye doctor. These students must present proof of having been examined by an eye doctor by October 15 of the school year.

Students are screened for vision and hearing according to state requirements by the school nurse throughout the school year. Parents are urged to request a vision or hearing test at the onset of a potential problem.


All students shall provide proof of immunization from preventable, communicable diseases as required by state law before attending classes. In the case of a transfer student, a period of 45 calendar days, beginning with the first day of enrollment in the District, shall be given to meet the requirements.
View Immunization Requirements from the Illinois Department of Public Health.  



Taking medication during school hours or during school-related activities is prohibited unless it is necessary for a student’s health and well-being. When a student’s licensed health care provider and parent/guardian believe that it is necessary for the student to take a 12 medication during school hours or school-related activities, the parent/guardian must request that the school dispense the medication to the child by completing a Student Medication Authorization Form.


School Health Information and Requirements

For complete information on School Health Information and Requirements, please refer to the BGS K-4 School Handbook or the BGS 5-8 School Handbook.