Overview of the Title 1 Program

The Title I program is available for students with reading and math difficulties who attend schools that qualify for a type of federal funding. Since Benton Grade School qualifies for the Title I Program, students who are below grade level in reading and math may receive additional support through a Title I teacher. Title services are offered with the goal of resolving reading and math problems at a more accelerated pace than would occur through basic classroom instruction. Many students who receive services make positive strides in their levels of achievement over the course of the program, which typically takes place during the elementary school years.

When determining which students are entitled to receive services, school administrators examine a number of factors, including scores on state and national achievement tests, classroom performance, and feedback from teachers and parents. The frequency and duration of services varies according to the specific areas and to the degree in which students are struggling. The Title I program provides both push in and pull out services, or a combination of both.

Title Teachers can also help parents supplement instruction at home by suggesting ways to spend quality time working with their children in reading and math. The Title department hosts a family activity night for parents and students during the school year to create a home-school connection. Watch for information of dates and times of special activities on the school website.