Benton Jr. High Art students have participated in a variety of art shows this year. Students first partook in the Benton Public Library Tiny Art Show. Artists ages five-adult were able to participate in this exhibition. For this show, students worked diligently to create original silhouette paintings with a blended, gradient background. Additionally, students’ artwork was displayed at La Galarie located on the Benton Square. The show featured the Jr. High students’ clay faux food sculptures. Students used pinch, coil, and slab clay hand building methods to create these artworks.

The Jr. High Art students’ work will also be on display at the Pandemic Project Regional Art Show at John A. Logan College. This show will take place on May 6th, 2022, at 6:30 pm. The Benton Jr. High Art students created a collaborative Jenga sculpture representing support that they had or support that was lacking during the pandemic. The show welcomes K-12 students from the region to share artworks that were created in response to the pandemic. The Pandemic Project lessons had an emphasis on social-emotional learning and were taught so that students could process the pandemic through art. Finally, Jr. High Art students will have one additional opportunity to share their artworks. Students will choose the artwork that they are most proud of from the school year, and it will be displayed through a virtual art show. The show will be posted on the Benton School website in May.